University of Utah Health Care

Your Choice. Our Experts.

Over the last decade, University of Utah Health Care has claimed a spot as one of the top academic health care systems in the nation. While always at the leading-edge of technology and expertise, many people only considered them as an option if the ailment required specialty care unavailable anywhere else. When the Affordable Care Act was passed, suddenly all of America had a choice to make, which also determined which health care providers they had access to.

Your Choice. Our Experts.

Sports Medicine

Cadiovascular Center

As a timely response to this new insurance driven healthcare landgrab, RUMOR developed the “Your choice. Our experts.” campaign which reinvented health care marketing. The very simple and memorable visual approach, coupled with an original score, catapulted University of Utah Health Care’s brand awareness and market share exponentially.

This campaign extended across hundreds of individual pieces of creative—television, radio, print, online marketing, outdoor, transit, apparel, environmental and experiential for both internal and community initiatives. The work has been recognized nationally and has won healthcare marketing awards multiple years in a row. Campaign areas of focus included Sports Medicine, Cardiovascular Services, Comprehensive Care and Community Clinic engagement. Cardiovascular Services saw a resulting 50% increase in web traffic and 14% increase in patient volumes, which contributed to a 12% increase in new patient visits during a period of flat growth in UUHC’s core market.