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University of Utah Health Care

Celebrating Every Day, Amazing-in-Every-Way, Super Women

The University of Utah Health Care women’s health campaign was created on the proposition that women amaze, inspire, wow and motivate. As such, our focus was more of a celebration and recognition of the wonderful things women do rather than the tired, old health check reminder or hard sales pitch.

City Creek Center Signage

In addition to a robust, all-encompassing advertising blitz that included television, radio, outdoor, print, and online, the campaign was also supported by a month-long activation effort in City Creek Mall where University of Utah Health Care effectively “owned” the shopping center’s prime advertising real estate with eye-catching branding and super-charged campaign messaging.

Mass Audience

To make the biggest splash possible, we needed to get our message and creative in front of more than just a select audience. We needed to flood the masses. Our goal was to make “Super Women” an unmissable, unmistakable force that not only put women’s health as a priority but also created top-of-mind awareness for University of Utah Health Care.