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We Produce Content That Boosts Your Business.

We art direct and produce photoshoots and video projects to fully realize your brand and your goals. We brings brands to life through video and motion to evoke the right emotions and send the perfect message.

A new spin on the tired legal ad format.

As the agency of record since 2019, RUMOR has been producing consistent relevant commercials for Craig Swapp & Associates. Not only are the ads different and funny, each offers a piece of good road safety advice.

Over 8 years of producing effective commercials and video content.

Since 2013, RUMOR has worked with the University of Utah Health to produce a variety of content for a variety of topics. From back to health to long-term care and public educational campaigns, we have consistently produced effective and award winning content for the University of Utah Health.

Consistent growth through strategic, professional marketing strategy.

Goldenwest Credit Union has trusted RUMOR as their Agency of Record for nearly two decades. Through that time, RUMOR has consistently provided marketing strategy and creative services that have fostered consistent growth in mortgages, credit cards, checking accounts, savings, certificates of deposit, consumer loans, and overall assets.

“With RUMOR as our strategic marketing partner for the past 19 years, Goldenwest has grown from 10 branches to 41 branches from Logan to St. George, increased membership to 137,495, and tripled assets to over $1.5 billion.”

— Kerry Whalen,  Goldenwest President & CEO

A new brand to build consumer confidence & influence healthy behaviors

RUMOR’s strategic answer to the complex multi-faceted challenge was simple all encompassing campaign theme, In Utah. All other Current COVID-19 messaging has weighed people down, with most recovery messaging sharing a similar tone. The In Utah campaign cuts through the clutter with fresh new approach, designed to educate, elevate, and engage. The simplicity of the campaign theme, mark and message delivers on every level by being positive to the core, non-apologetic, inspirational and informative, directly connected to action, flexible and expandable, supportive other GOED initiatives, encourages partner participation and engagement, promotes in-state and out-of-state interests, and celebrates the unique cultural landscape of Utah.

Making your uncomfortable mattress the villain of a good night’s sleep.

Using perfectly timed humor, we created a night time villain that perfectly shows the result of an annoying and uncomfortable mattress. 

Increasing ridership through well produced, strategic marketing campaigns.

RUMOR was chosen as the Agency of Record for Cache Valley Transit District (CVTD) in 2018. Since then, through the use of strategic marketing and well produced tv spots, CVTD’s ridership and overall community support have increased significantly.

“I am so impressed with RUMOR’s willingness to communicate but more importantly their ability to listen, understand and address our concerns.”

— Todd Beutler, General Manager Cache Valley Transit District

A fun, effective campaign amidst a global pandemic

Using perfectly timed humor, we created a night time villain that perfectly shows the result of an annoying and uncomfortable mattress. 

Putting faces to all of the good that Deseret Industries Accomplishes.

For their 80th anniversary, Deseret Industries (DI) turned to RUMOR to create a marketing campaign to promote the historic event. Along with other creative services, we produced tv spots highlighting real associates and the benefits that they have experienced through employment at the DI.