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Event Branding

As a leader in the cybersecurity industry, Venafi boasts over 50 of the top Fortune 500 companies as clients. So when they asked RUMOR to re-vamp the branding for their mid-year sales event while maintaining continuity with their kick-off sales event branding six months prior, we had a work cut out for us. “Speed Wins” was the theme they introduced in January, and they asked us to “amp it up” for their July event, while adding also conveying a strong sense of connectivity and progress.


RUMOR executed the client’s request with a progressive pattern design. The pattern was also modular, in that it could be moved and adjusted for various branding elements. We then applied this branding beautifully to all key components including event signage, badges, attire, print collateral, digital applications, presentations and videos. The response was overwhelmingly positive as the conference attendees experienced the connectivity, excitement and progress the company was trying to convey.