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U.S. Ski & Snowboard Association

Re-launching the experience for an ever growing team


With the 2018 Winter Olympics on the horizon, the US Ski and Snowboard Teams were poised to be in the global spotlight—an opportunity that only comes around every 4 years. Their governing organization, USSA, serves content and live engagement for all snowboard, alpine, cross country, ski jumping and freestyle teams, including every athlete at all levels (youth-Olympians), parents, coaches, officials, trainers, and competitive events in the sport. With all of these audiences, their former website had become a mess of confusion trying to serve to many masters. In world record-breaking time and efficiency, RUMOR helped redefine the user experience for each user type, organized information into a simplified navigation structure, and created templates and components that could be replicated across the site to organize content over thousands of pages. The new site consolidates headlines, video content, social engagement, streaming events, athlete bios, donations, member tools, for each sport into an experience that serves each action.

A completely new eCommerce store was also designed and developed and launched ahead of schedule, allowing for fans and parents to purchase branded gear in advance of the big event. The site cleared $90K in sales in its first 30 days.

Zabofish app displayed on a mobile phone
Zabofish app displayed on a mobile phone