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Tim Dahle Auto Group

Increasing the reach of the Forever Warranty

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The Challenge

Tim Dahle has 8 different branded car dealerships across Utah. Each dealership is an autonomous unit with its own marketing goals and strategy. Corporate leadership sought to unify their marketing messages while allowing each dealership to maintain a level of autonomy.

The Solution

Extensive custom tracking systems were set up to monitor customer activity across 9 different sites, where users often freely move from one site to another. CRM systems allow each dealership to see when site users come from digital campaigns, what cars they search for, which cars they ask for financing information on and when they visit a dealership in person. This allows tracking of the value of each digital user and when they physically convert and purchase a vehicle.

The Outcome

Cost per lead benchmarks were established and within three months Tim Dahle saw a 60% increase in online car financing requests. Tim Dahle websites saw an across-the-board average increase of 15% in each site’s traffic and a 200% increase in time on site as well as a subsequent increase in car sales.

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