Social Media Advertising

Perhaps the reason you’re reading this is because you’re wondering where to begin when advertising on a social platform. Maybe you’re running ads but aren’t finding the results you would like. Or maybe, you’re a part of the 60% of business owners who struggle with properly attributing a dollar sign to their social media efforts. Whatever the issue or question, Rumor has the answer.


Rumor focuses its efforts in driving results through social platforms with quality creative, indepth audience insights, proven a/b testing solutions, consistency, and accurate tracking and measuring of results. If any of the following are on your bucket list of needs and wants, a conversation with us might be your next step:

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Custom Audiences, Look-A-Like Audiences, Blog Remarketing, Content Marketing


Video View Remkarketing, Page Likers Campaigns (w/Exlusions), Blog/Content Remkarketing


View Content Remarketing, “Buy Now” Abandonment, Cart Abandonment, Custom Conversion Remarketing


Email List Campaigns, Special Offers and Incentives

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