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Expanding the reach of the largest family history technology conference in the world

RootsTech is a 4-day event held annually in Salt Lake City, Utah, dedicated to celebrating family, discovering family histories, and connecting the living to their ancestors and each other.

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The Problem

RootsTech is the largest family history conference in the world. They came to RUMOR with a clear objective: to make the conference known to more people, especially those interested in family history. While the visibility of the conference is essential, we couldn’t forget what keeps the train rolling, sales.

We knew we needed to expand the brand’s reach, while still driving ticket sales and online engagement.

RootsTech was founded on the belief that there is power in connecting with family and finding belonging. RootsTech had never done any paid search or social advertising before they started working with us in 2015. Since it is their mission to help everyone discover and connect families past, present, and future all across the world, they knew that it was essential to turn to digital and social advertising to get their message out to more people.

The Process

For the six months leading up to the 10th annual conference in 2020, we ran paid search, retargeting, and social campaigns to promote the conference. We knew it was crucial to test copy and creative. We leveraged the conference’s exciting lineup of celebrity speakers and energy-filled expo hall to create powerful, striking creative. We used holidays, early bird, last chance pricing, and flash promotions to drive a high volume of ticket purchases.

The Results

On Google, the display retargeting and paid search ads we ran produced high-yielding results. In total there were 937,908 impressions on the ads, 21,061 clicks, and 3,478 event tickets sold. After 6 months of advertising on Facebook and Instagram, our ads got 3,093,904 impressions, 27,542 clicks, and 2,464 event tickets sold.