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Designing the Largest Family History Conference in the World

Since 2014, we have been the Agency of Record for RootsTech— the world’s largest family history conference, hosted by Family Search International each year. In 2021, we pivoted to market a completely new ALL virtual ALL FREE conference. The 2022 conference was the largest success ever with over 750K registrants and a staggering 15.7 million people participating worldwide. Year over year, our guidance on integrated marketing strategy, creative execution, and optimization of campaigns along with integrating with Family Search marketing team, has led to exponential growth in paid attendance, overall revenue, social engagement, free live streams, and paid virtual attendance for the conference.

RootsTech is all about family. We create messages to invite people to discover, share, and preserve their family story by participating in the experience or content of the conference and beyond. Each event is specifically designed to help attendees celebrate their heritage, make inspiring connections, and learn how to preserve their own unique story. Additionally, the event features a huge expo hall full of the latest innovation and technology in the world of genealogy. As connecting families is the core mission of Family Search International, all marketing for the flagship event needs to be carefully vetted to ensure that it aligns with the institution and brand.

We have invested hundreds of hours in contact with key leadership, correlation departments, Intellectual property managers, visual identity office, legal, and the event marketing team, to ensure that every promotion, ad, blog article, social post, radio spot, and all other marketing materials aligns with the core values and mission. Not to mention, still being creative, engaging, and convert to sales.

We helped establish and expand the roots for all marketing with visual style guidelines, which provides a foundation for brand consistency and recognition across all media platforms. Unlike some campaigns that are focused on one theme, we focus campaigns around key driving factors of why someone would desire to attend the conference. Creative concepts also follow the most effective messages that have been proven through weekly reports on the campaigns. Research, A/B testing, real-time data, and ad-level performance results have provided a foundation that we continue to build on year-over-year.

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RootsTech Conference branding
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Roots Tech Conference Branding
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RUMOR’s work on the behalf of both FamilySearch and RootsTech is second to none. RUMOR has worked hard to understand our brand and then develop marketing messages and campaigns that reflect our values.

Roots Tech Branding
RootsTech branding
RootsTech Branding
RootsTech Branding
RootsTech Branding
RootsTech Branding at the conference
Two women standing by RootsTech Branding
RootsTech Branding displayed at the conference
Two women using RootsTech branding at the conference
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rootsTech Branding at the conference
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RootsTech branding displayed at the conference
RootsTech branding displayed at the conference
RootsTech branding displayed at the conference
RootsTech branding displayed at the conference