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See how gaming is changing the workplace

The principles of gaming are simple. Work individually or strategize with other players as a team toward a common goal— Winning the game. So, why not bring those same principles into the workplace? MyObjectives makes software that inspires team engagement and allows managers to watch motivated teams achieve business goals in real time.

RUMOR was drafted in the first round by MyObjectives to draw up a gameplan for bringing their goal management software to market. The process was a true team effort, a series of sprints with concurrent design, development, and content creation all racing to the finish line. An agile eCommerce system allows for customers in the US and Europe to purchase plans according to their team size, location and business type. A complete library of training materials, articles, videos, and white papers are organized carefully to simplify the user experience. A series of lead capture devices are scattered strategically through the site to juice up the conversion process.