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Moran Eye Center

See Your Leads. See Your Return. See Your Possibilities with LASIK.

The John A. Moran Eye Center provides the most comprehensive and successful outcomes to vision correction in the Utah market and has been long-known for providing leading-edge care for the full-range of specialty eye conditions and emergency services. Despite, having more doctors and more locations than any other vision care system in the intermountain west, not to mention performing several thousand cataract surgeries each year, Moran Eye Center was not  top of mind for customers considering LASIK. With stiff competition of over 40 high-profile competitors, RUMOR was asked to create a print and outdoor campaign to build community awareness that establishes Moran Eye Center as clearly better for LASIK.

The core objective of this continuous campaign is to create better awareness about Moran’s LASIK and refractive services—reflecting accessibility, great pricing and expertise—while secondarily highlighting the most advanced equipment and state-of-the-art clinical and surgical setting for a safe and comfortable experience.

To enhance Moran Eye Center’s brand position in the market, RUMOR developed a succinct tagline and brand message strategy with a simple and carefully crafted dual meaning: Clearly Better.

clearly better. supports brand pillars and services

better patient support leading-edge care for elective procedures and patient support

better outcomes by nationally ranked in research, funding and clinical initiatives

better comprehensive and specialty education programs at largest eye center in western region

train better doctors to provide better eye care, to prevent curable blindness