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Marketing Creative

Marketing is about motivating people to do things. We’ve made everything from websites to billboards. Our teams work seamlessly to create business-building and award-winning strategies. Our goal is achieve your business objectives while meeting your customers needs. The end result is a campaign that minimizes inefficiency and maximizes reach and effectiveness. Whether you want to launch a new product, engage a new audience, increase brand awareness or increase revenue, we can get it done.


Creative Ideation

Strategic Planning


Graphic Design

Media Buying/Placement

TV/Radio Production

Ad Creation

Celebrating Every Day, Amazing-in-Every-Way, Super Women.

We created a campaign for the University of Utah Health that was focused on a celebration and recognition of the wonderful things women do, rather than the tired, old health check reminder or hard sales pitch.


Celebrating the 80th anniversary of a historical company.

RUMOR developed a marketing and media strategy that celebrated the 80th anniversary and introduced the first ever in store discount.

Launching the first CVTD service line expansion.

The personal touches that RUMOR incorporated into this project turned a simple route announcement into a community-wide event. We incorporated bright colors, clean type and desgin, and used cheery photography of folks within the community having a good time riding the bus.