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A digital marketing overhaul for clincial research leader

JBR Clinical Research website displayed on multiple mobile phones
The Challenge

Cenexel JBR is dedicated to assisting pharmaceutical companies find new cures to help patients better manage their healthcare. They run a wide variety of clinical research studies and need help recruiting qualified study participants for a wide diversity of conditions. As clinical research company they also work closely with an institutional review board (IRB) which must review every aspect of each ad campaign from the creative imagery to the ad copy. Nothing can run until everything is approved and the IRB will often ask for multiple revisions. JBR clinical trials fall into one of two categories, the first are long running trials that actively recruit all year, the second are those that are a one-time study which recruits for between 2 and 4 weeks. The latter are especially tricky as there is little time to optimize ads, if results are not immediate the study window may be missed.


The Solution

RUMOR Advertising is especially proficient in working with IRB’s. We have streamlined the process and our intense attention to detail reduces revision requests. Dealing with an IRB can lead to stagnate ad creative where generic approved templates are used over and over regardless of the unique clinical trial requirements to ensure quick approvals. At RUMOR we never stop A/B testing each aspect of an ad campaign. With A/B assets pre-approved by the IRB campaigns are constantly refined and improved to ensure a constant improvement in cost per conversion while maintaining the quality of each lead.


The Outcome

For JBR’s all year recruitment ads we were able to reduce their cost per lead by 21% and 63% respectively within 3 months. We then identified additional markets they could enter and helped them increase their budget by 50% and continue to reduce cost per lead by 16% and 30% respectively. These CPA reductions have been maintained and continue to see marginal improvements month to month.

For JBR’s one-time studies we have been able to reduce the average cost per lead by an average of 25% with even greater reductions in certain categories of research. These improved categories include the sensitive and difficult to recruit for categories of newborn and child clinical research.

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JBR Clinical Research website displayed on multiple mobile phones