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The Challenge

The In Utah campaign was initially established during the COVID-19 pandemic to help support small and local Utah businesses. As recovery efforts continued the Governor’s office sought to further support and expand Utah’s small businesses. In tandem the Inspire In Utah campaign launched to support women entrepreneurs and women in the workplace at every level. This was done in conjunction with Governor Cox’s goal to see thousands of new small businesses start in Utah. Programs and resources were provided from across 50 different websites. Help was needed so the entire Utah community could effectively use these resources, improve their own skills and navigate starting and expanding their own small businesses.


The Solution

After successfully leading out with the initial In Utah campaign, RUMOR Advertising was excited to continue the work with guiding and launching the Inspire campaign. Messaging was built to excite Utahns and an intuitive website was designed to help guide a wide variety of users to their needed resources. Great care was taken to target and help people in all phases of their career, including those that wanted training to return to the workforce, aspiring small business owners, and those that wished to take their existing small business venture to the next level.


The Outcome

The Inspire campaigns saw extraordinary success with time on the In Utah website more than tripling. Campaigns focused on connecting unique users to the specific startup resources they needed saw over a 90% conversion rate. Dozens of small businesses and their founders were spotlighted, and Utah saw a surge in small business activity.

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