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Utah Governor's Office of Economic Opportunity – In Utah

Elevating Small Business & Women in Business Across Utah

The Challenge

The Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity (Go Utah) was charged by the state Legislature to create a strategic public awareness plan and media campaign to stimulate Utah’s economy and influence healthy behaviors during the COVID-19 crisis. The desired results of the campaign were to influence public health behaviors (increase wearing of masks and physical distancing without the need for a statewide mandate), encourage support for and engagement of local businesses, encourage outside companies and film productions to locate in Utah, and create and strengthen consumer confidence in a post COVID-19 environment. RUMOR was chosen as the agency most qualified to create and execute the initial $2M comprehensive communications plan and statewide engagement campaign across all media vehicles. 


Our Approach 

RUMOR’s strategic answer to the complex multi-faceted challenge was simple all encompassing campaign theme, In Utah. All other Current COVID-19 messaging has weighed people down, with most recovery messaging sharing a similar tone. The In Utah campaign cuts through the clutter with fresh new approach, designed to educate, elevate, and engage. The simplicity of the campaign theme, mark and message delivers on every level by being positive to the core, non-apologetic, inspirational and informative, directly connected to action, flexible and expandable, supportive other Go Utah initiatives, encourages partner participation and engagement, promotes in-state and out-of-state interests, and celebrates the unique cultural landscape of Utah. RUMOR secured the URLs,, and (for all Spanish language marketing) as well as all social media channels, and the use of the hashtag #InUtah.


The Results

The In Utah initiative was so well accepted by top state leadership in the Governor’s office, COVID-19 task force, state legislature and all partnering organizations, that RUMOR was awarded additional legislature allocated funds to expand the campaign into other key state initiatives, using the same In Utah branding, including Healthy In Utah, Shop In Utah, and Learn & Work In Utah.

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I found RUMOR to be responsive, professional, and collaborative in meeting our needs. Their work was top-notch, and people took note. They helped our outreach and education reach more people than ever before.

Inspirational Spotlights

As part of the campaign, we interviewed and highlighted 17 amazing women. These women ranged from women entrepreneurs to women in high-level corporate jobs to women in the workforce.