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Goldenwest Credit Union

Expanding into new markets with increased digital presence

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The Challenge

Goldenwest Credit Union has begun expanding into new markets. To accomplish this, they sought to drastically increase their digital presence. However, as a credit union Goldenwest has unique privacy concerns and legal requirements that make it difficult to use standard tracking codes to monitor ad conversions. This issue was compounded by difficulty in integrating their CRM. Being unable to track digital leads to use of their financial services made it difficult to understand their customer lifetime value and ensure positive ROI on digital ads.


The Solution

RUMOR Advertising was able to build and implement a custom, robust and privacy compliant system to track digital ads performance. We then worked closely with Goldenwest to integrate their CRM with digital ads tracking and built a customer lifetime value model. We then set the needed cost per conversion benchmarks to ensure positive ROI on each digital campaign.


The Outcome

With our custom system we were able to quickly hit the newly established ROI benchmarks. By the second month we were able to reduce the average cost per conversion by an additional 62% under ROI benchmarks. Then, in the following months we maintained a reduction in the average cost per conversion by an additional 18% month over month. This performance led to Goldenwest increasing their yearly spending by 25%. With the increased budget RUMOR was able to maintain 5%-18% cost per conversion marginal improvements month to month while simultaneously helping Goldenwest enter new regions and change message priorities.

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We consider Rumor Advertising a valued partner for marketing strategy and execution. Their creative department has been an excellent resource in helping us develop our brand as well produce multi-media marketing campaigns.

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