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We were chosen as the Agency of Record for Cache Valley Transit District (CVTD) in 2018. At the core of this partnership is the creation of a strategic marketing plan—detailing CVTD’s current situation and recommendations for a powerful integrated marketing program to guide CVTD’s public image and growth over the next three years. The most significant distinction between this plan and previous efforts undertaken by CVTD is the purposeful identification, articulation, and synergy between target audiences, messages, and marketing channels.

This strategic marketing plan is designed to reach their stated goals— drive unprecedented awareness, ridership and public support for CVTD. This key takeaways of this comprehensive plan include:

  • A detailed situation analysis identifying CVTD strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities
  • The “Core Four” target audiences are identified and profiled; secondary audiences also identified and discussed
  • Program goals & objectives are defined, while each area of the strategic marketing plan has specific objectives designed to support the program goals & objectives
  • CVTD brand positioning and core messages are articulated, while relevant supporting messaging is associated with each of the “Core Four” target audiences
  • Strategic recommendations with supporting tactics are outlined throughout the plan
  • Relevant marketing channels are discussed in detail including integrated media (digital/traditional), public relations, and community engagement
  • Detailed budget considerations and a suggested 3-year Implementation Schedule enable proper planning of funds, resources and timing


This plan was presented to, reviewed, and approved by the CVTD executive council including CVTD team, community volunteers, and elected officials.

After this plan was approved RUMOR has continually managed each aspect of the integrated strategy and has executed TV, radio, outdoor, out-of-home, streaming, transit, and PR efforts to build brand awareness and education.

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Various pages of the CVTD branding guide displayed
CVTD branding displayed on a bus
CVTD branding displayed on a bus
CVTD branding displayed on a bus

RUMOR is the best firm that I have worked with when it comes to marketing for several key reasons. Because RUMOR understands our values and approach, they can message things right and do it in a way that helps people emotionally connect to the district.

Cache Valley Transit District's website displayed on a laptop
CVTD websites homepage displayed on a mobile phone
CVTD branding

The 'Loop' New Service Line Launch

The personal touches that RUMOR incorporated into this project turned a simple route announcement into a community-wide event. We incorporated bright colors, clean type and desgin, and used cheery photography of folks within the community having a good time riding the bus.

Loop logo gray background
Loop logo green background
Loop logo blue background

RUMOR has provided us with a wholistic marketing and outreach program. They have designed our website, bus wraps, brochures, maps, SWAG, and pop-up signs for doing community events. They also create our radio and television ads, digital advertising and press releases as needed. They purchase and place all our advertising across all mediums.

Loop branding displayed on a bus
CVTD loop branding displayed on a bus