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Cache Valley Transit District

Revolutionizing the local transit user experience


A transit system built around the rider should have a website that connects people quickly to the information they need. It should balance speed, information, and user experience to meet the expectation of that customer. This was not the case with the previous CVTD website. To address an extremely outdated, cumbersome and virtually unmanageable website, RUMOR outlined, wire-framed, and conducted focus group tests to see how the customer might navigate through the transit site. We created quick links right from the homepage for the most used functions of the site, with a clean user-friendly website interface. Most importantly, the site features mobile-first responsive design that is optimized for users on-the-go.

RUMOR integrated and customized the site with the latest technology by Google Transit, built a trip planner and a robust alert system for each route to ensure riders are able to make or modify their connections wherever and whenever they need to.

Various pages of the CVTD website displayed
CVTD webpage displayed on a mobile phone
CVTD icons
Various pages of the CVTD website displayed
Cache Valley Transit District website displayed on a mobile phone