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Legend Solar

In the world of solar providers, there are stars… and then there are Legends

Home with solar panels on roof

When you want to stand out in a highly competitive market, it helps to have a name that lends itself to stand-out creative. Such is the case with Legend Solar. Our plan was simple: generate hair-raising brand awareness through retinal-smacking imagery, spine-tingling messaging, a hint of iconic pop culture references and a just the right amount of light-hearted fun.

The result? Nothing short of legendary.

Legend Solar website on different device screens
Home with solar panels on roof
People sitting outside home with solar panels on roof
Legend Solar brochure picture

Look up to a Legend

For outdoor, the formula followed suit—showcase a little personality to make a powerful, head-turning statement rather than blend in with the everyday informational approach typically lining commuter corridors.

Legend Solar these are the savings you're looking for billboard
Legend Solar power billboard
Legend Solar man in tuxedo billboard